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WAMP Wins Prestigious Award – click here for details

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2015/2016 WAMP Marketing Opportunities

2015/2016 WAMP Marketing Opportunities

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Legislation Advocacy Day

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Friday, February 28, 2014 11:41am

The Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals held their legislative advocacy day in Olympia on Tuesday February 25th, 2014.

The association volunteers took a trip to visit our legislators in Olympia in support of housing issues affecting our local communities and our economy.

The association had appointments with 31 different Senators and Representatives to discuss issues that are critical to a recovering housing industry in Washington State.

There were 10 important talking points covered in each meeting surrounding current legislation we support such as HR 3211, The Mortgage Choice Act of 2013 which helps to clarify some definitions and correct unintended consequences of laws recently passed with Dodd-Frank. Legislators were updated on the associations concerns on new trends around the country that would negatively impact Washington families. (For a full list of talking points visit )

The association sends our thanks to Representative Jim McDermott (D- WA7) for co-sponsoring HR 3211, The Mortgage Choice Act of 2013 which was one of the bills discussed throughout the day with our legislators that is supported by WAMP.

Co-Chairs of the Association’s Government Affairs committee George Charles ( and Ruby Grynberg ( , will be lobbying for many of these same issues with our Representatives next week in Washington DC.

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Uniform State Test (UST) Implementation Information

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For individuals who have previously passed the Retired National Test, the 25-question Stand-alone UST is only available for enrollment until March 31, 2014. Candidates who enroll before April 1, 2014 will have the usual 180-day window to schedule and take the test.

Individuals who do not enroll in the Stand-alone UST by March 31, 2014 and are seeking licensure in a state that has adopted the UST will be required to take the National Test with Uniform State Content.

On April 1, 2013 NMLS launched the Uniform State Test or UST. This is the first major change to SAFE MLO Test requirements since the SAFE MLO tests were launched in July, 2009.

The UST is a new domain or section in the National Test. This new domain includes 25 questions which brings the length of the National Test Component with Uniform State Content to 125 questions, of which 115 are scored and ten are un-scored. In addition, a short version of the UST, called the Stand-alone UST, is available for a limited time and it includes 25 questions, all of which are scored. See table below for more details on the features of the new test components.

The new UST material tests applicants on their knowledge of high level state-related content that is based on the SAFE Act and the CSBS/AARMR Model State Law (MSL) which many states used to implement the SAFE Act. The content outline for the new National Test Component with Uniform State Content, and the Stand-alone UST including references, can be found here.

The UST replaces the state-specific test components for the states that adopt it. Therefore, by passing the National with Uniform State Content or the Stand-alone UST, a candidate can satisfy the testing requirements for licensure in those adopting states, and any states that adopt in the future.

As of January 1, 2014, 39 state mortgage agencies have adopted the UST. The remaining state agencies may elect to adopt the UST at a future date, but they are not required to do so. State agencies which choose not to adopt the UST will continue to require applicants to take and pass the current state specific test components. For a list of state agencies and when they will adopt the UST, see the UST

Adoption Map and Table.


WAMP stat

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Our 2013 Humanitarian Gala was a Hit!

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Congratulations to the 2013 WAMP Award recipients!

2013 WAMP Award Recipients

“Thank You to all of our 2013 Business & Humanitarian Award Partners & Sponsors for making this Event a tremendous success!”

Event Partners

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Upcoming Webinars

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Make sure you bookmark this page for all upcoming webinars and continuing education information.

Click Here to see our Webinar Series

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